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should you train?

Most people don't want self-defense skills until they need self-defense skills, but by then, it is usually to late.

It is unfortunate that we will insure just about everything we own, our phones, cars, TV’s, pets, etc, but we never bother to insure what is most important to us, and that is our lives. Yes, we have life insurance, but we usually get no personal benefit from it if we have to use it. Acquiring self-defense skills is like having insurance, we hope we never have to use them, but if we ever do, we are glad we had it. Difference being that unlike life insurance, this will allow us to go home to our loved ones, we would get to see them once more, get to hug them, and love them more than ever! Where instead, you could have needed to cash in that life insurance.

When we think of self-defense, we typically think of what we see on TV, UFC fights or maybe even traditional martial arts in which everyone is wearing the traditional gi Absolutely nothing wrong with any of that, I grew up in traditional martial arts, loved it. I like watching UFC fights, they are tremendous athletes, as for TV, well I would hope that by now you realize it’s all fake. But this has little to do with self-defense. In self defense, we are talking about preserving life, yours or that of one of your loved ones. Are you willing to gamble their safety just because “you’ve been okay so far in life?”

Well, it’s too hard, I’m just not a physical person, some say. Yes, most self-defense training is challenging because it is designed to develop different attributes needed in a violent encounter. But what you gain from this type of training doesn’t just apply to the physical part of this, It applies to the emotional and mental violence as well. The principles you learn apply to life, especially when it seems that life is beating you down. It applies to dealing with different people. It teaches to have the determination, the will, the fortitude to not just give up when it gets hard and scary.

I carry a gun, I’ll just shoot them you say. Yeah sure, make sure you let the person wanting to harm you give you advance warning so you can draw the weapon and have it at the ready when it all goes down. Aside from that, do all situations call for you to shoot someone? Hope you enjoy prison if the answer was yes. Oh, you’ll just brandish the weapon? Ok, see you in court.

There are so many good reasons for training in self-defense, sometimes, we train for someone else's benefit. Maybe you are the protector of the home, male or female, doesn't matter, others depend on you for their safety, can you handle that task? Have a heart to heart with yourself, we all think we can, we are all legends in our own minds, but remember, if you have never been there, without proper training you will fall to the level of your training/experience not rise to the level of your expectations.

The purpose here is not to scare anyone into training, the goal is to point out a harsh reality that many people want to ignore. The thought process seems to be, if I don’t think about it, it wont happen to me.Until it does, then what? Well, it won’t you say. It is my hearts desire that you are correct.

Find a good training center whose focus is self defense. Commit to at least a year of training, after that if you don’t like it, fine, but you would have at least acquired some life saving skills.

Remember: Your Life Your Choice, How You Train Matters

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