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Meet Our Instructors

Manny Grijalva

Manny is a certified Krav Maga instructor under Krav Maga Worldwide and is the lead instructor for G3 Combatives Training Center.

Manny has been in the self defense industry for over 30 years and aside from being a Kenpo black belt, has earned instructor certifications and ranks in eight other systems. He opened G3 when he saw there was a gap between the traditional martial arts and the MMA crowd in which there were not many places for the average person to learn practical, effective, self-defense.

Manny is passionate about teaching self-defense and truly cares about making people safer and empowered.


“I am responsible to everyone that walks in to our training center to make sure that we provide the highest quality training that will save their lives should they ever need it.”

Kat Montaño

Kat is a certified instructor under Krav Maga Worldwide, while also holding rank in stick combatives. 

Kat is one of the head instructors of G3 Combatives and leads both women and kid's programs. She is extremely passionate about empowering people through Krav Maga. Once she began training, it did not take long to fall in love and become obsessed with the art. From Krav, she has learned the respect and discipline of the trade that she wants to offer her students each time they hit the mats as this is where she feels most at home. 


"I was put on this earth to teach people Krav Maga!"

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