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Active Killer Response

What is an active killer? It is simply a person who opens fire, stabs or kills a group of innocent people, typically unarmed.

The unfortunate reality is that regardless of the number of laws passed, these individuals will always exist. As we have recently seen, they will either find a firearm, use an edged weapon or a vehicle, etc., to accomplish their objective, which is to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. They know that their time on earth is short, they understand that they will not make it out of this alive, they will either kill themselves or be killed, so they have nothing to lose.

Because the reality that this type of violence is not going away anytime soon, we must have a plan of action should we find ourselves in such an unfortunate situation. The problem is that many people would just rather not think about such an ugly scenario. It’s almost as if to say, “if I don’t think about it, it won’t happen to me”, until it does.

I am not a fan of fear mongering or scaring people into classes, I am, however, a huge fan of educating our community about the ugly realities of violence that we may come face to face with. I want everyone to at least have a basic understanding of what to do, which will give you a large advantage and chance of survival. Nothing is guaranteed, but some action is better than no action.

On occasion, when we promote our Active Killer Response Workshop, someone will tell us, “I will just talk them down, I can talk anyone down, after all, I’ve made it this far in life”. Well, the truth is that an active killer is too far gone for anyone to reason with him/her. Logical thought and reasoning abilities are nonexistent at this point.

One of my instructors uses the example of the “last 10 seconds”, in which he asks, if one of your loved ones was in an active killer situation, he is killing everyone in sight, the killer is now moving towards your loved one and will get to them in 10 seconds. You somehow have the opportunity to give them advice, what would your advice be?

Hopefully it would be something to the effect of them doing everything in their power to fight for their lives. Start moving! Don’t just sit there, do something!

Much of the advice out there is to just hide and hope he doesn’t choose you. Hope is rarely a good strategy; you must have a plan.

This is what our upcoming workshop on July 29, 2023, will teach you, a plan of action. Hope you can join us.

Remember, Your Life, Your Choice, How You Train Matters.

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